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Sungel Ultra 12V 200Ah Lead Carbon Solar Battery

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Introducing SUNGEL ULTRA 12V 200AH Lead Carbon Solar Battery, Now with 35% longer cycle life, the newest generation of SunGEL batteries has an industry leading cycle life at 5,950 cycles under recommended operation and settings. The robust Thick Plate design with Advanced Carbon-Catalyst technology will deliver a battery with a premium 20-year design life.


• Industry leading cycle life at 5,950 cycles @ 50% DOD.

• Thick plate Lead Carbon technology giving premium 20-year design life.

• Advanced Micro-Catalyst Technology.

• Australian designed for high temperature applications.

• Excellent recovery from deep discharge.

• 100% testing prior to dispatch to ensure batteries are fully charged and prepared for reliable performance



Nominal voltage  12 Volts 
Rated capacity (C/120 to 1.80 Vpc at 25°C)  205 Ah 
Design life at 25°C  16 years 
Length  560 mm 
Width  125 mm  
Height  325 mm  
Weight  58.5 kg 
Terminal  M8 
Torque  8-10 Nm 
Internal resistance  4.5 mW 
Maximum discharge current   380 A 
Short circuit current  1625 A 
Capacity temperature dependence   0.6% / °C 
Self-discharge  2.5% / month  
Operating temperature  -20°C to 55°C