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Sunpower 370W Residential Solar Panel

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With a sleek black design that elegantly blends into any roof, the third-generation SunPower 370W Residential Solar Panel Performance 3 panel combines enhanced warranty terms with an expanded active cell area that delivers increased power and efficiency over previous generation panels.

Residential rooftop installations

SunPower Performance solar panels deliver premium aesthetics for homeowners, while vastly improving on the quality and reliability of conventional panel offerings.

Elegant design

The all black design of SunPower Performance panels is ideal for residential installations, blending harmoniously into your roof and adding elegance to your home.

Commercial rooftop installations

SunPower Performance solar panels help organisations minimise up-front project costs while providing better performance and reliability than conventional panels.

Trusted durability

An innovative shingled cell design re-engineers conventional solar technology for added strength and enhanced performance.

  • - Conductive adhesives developed for aerospace reinforce cell connections to withstand the stresses of daily temperature swings.
  • - Redundant cell connections mitigate the impacts of cell cracks on power output by creating flexible paths for electricity flow.
  • - Proprietary encapsulants protect cells and minimise degradation from environmental exposure.

Video: The hypercell—the unique and innovative backbone behind SunPower® Performance panels maximises panel durability to drive more energy and greater savings over the life of your system.

The ability to bend where others break
Video: The advanced engineering and material science behind SunPower’s Performance panels (on the left) enables cells to stand up more robustly to mechanical stresses relative to standard front-contact mono PERC cells (on the right). The electroluminescence scans seen here show the results from a force of nearly 400 Newtons being applied to the cells in a test environment.

More lifetime energy

Performance panels can deliver as much as 8% more energy in the same space over the first 25 years when compared to conventional mono PERC panels.


Proven reliability

The reality is that not all solar panels are created equal. The reliable operation of your solar panels in real-world conditions is critical to achieving your energy production and savings targets.

Video: Whether from leaves, birds, or neighbouring structures, your installation will ultimately encounter shading. The design and engineering behind your solar panels make a big difference on how reliable they perform when shaded, as well as the savings you’ll see on your electric bill.

SunPower Performance panels were recognized as a Top Performer in the 2021 PVEL PV Module Reliability Scorecard.

Based on data from its Product Qualification Program (PQP), the PVEL Scorecard highlights the exemplary reliability performance of solar panel manufacturers worldwide.

SunPower Performance Panel Warranty
SunPower Performance panels are covered by our 25-year Complete Confidence Panel Warranty. Thanks to an innovative shingled cell design, Performance panels offer more energy and reliability over traditional front contact panels. SunPower Performance makes the conventional, exceptional.