High powered Chargers

A High Powered Charger is a great choice if you're looking to run a generator as a backup power source in the event of your batteries running too low or failure on the end of your Off-Grid Solar setup.

Where a Solar Charge Controller will charge your batteries by use of Solar Energy, a High Powered Charger will allow you to charge your batteries from an AC power source. While most battery chargers are capable of charging single batteries, such as a car battery, the chargers you'll find in this section are capable of charging whole battery banks.

In order to make your off-grid solar journey easier, why not try our Off-Grid Solar Calculator? This will help you calculate an estimate of what your solar needs are, including inverter size, total number of panels, and battery storage requirements!

The figures generated are only estimates though, so if you want a more firm idea of what your needs are and how we can meet them, give us a call or send one of our solar team members an email!

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Both Joel and Nick are incredibly knowledgable when it comes to Off-Grid Solar and have an interest in Solar Energy that extends beyond the workplace, so we're certain that we can provide an option to suit your needs!

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